How can I create a custom link for my fundraising page?

You can create a customized short link to your personal page to share on social media or even include on printed posters and fliers. Personalize your link and make it unique using your name, favorite number or a catchy phrase. 


Standard Link -

Custom Link

Step 1: Log into your Fundraising Center. 

  • On the top right of the Autism Speaks Walk website, enter your login credentials in the orange login box. 


Step 2: Navigate to your page editor and create your custom link. 

  • Click My Personal Page on the fundraising center navigation bar.
  • Click (edit link to your page).
  • In the page link field, enter your desired word or phrase to create your personal custom link.
  • Click Save.


Step 3: Share your new custom webpage link!

  • Highlight and copy your link.
  • Share away by pasting your link in a email, text message, social network post or poster.


Link requirements:

  • It must only contain letters and numbers
  • It cannot contain spaces
  • It cannot contain special characters, such as “#,@, %,” etc.

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